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Saurer Zinser 351

Saurer Zinser 351



Make: Zinser

Model: 351

Year: 2014

No. of spindles: 1152 each ring frame

Ring diameter: 42 mm

Gauge: 70mm

Ring spinning type: Bracker Titan

Ring profil: Normal

Tube length: 230mm

Tube conicity: 1:38

With Co-We-Mat type 395V

El. power: 3 x 400V, 50Hz

Main motor: 65Kw

With creel Zinser for flyer bobbins

4 rows

Length of bobbins: 450mm

Diameter of bobbin: max 130mm

Draw system: PK2630SE

Entrance upper cylinder: LP1002

Middle upper cylinder: LP1003

Exit upper cylinder: LP1002

Size of upper cylinders: D19 – D30 – D28

Coating upper cylinder: Accotex J470 round, 70o Shore

Upper holder: OH2122

Upper belts: Accotex 78210G 

Lower diameter cylinders : 32 – 30,5 – 32mm

Lower belts : Accotex 78210G

Size of lower belts: D79 x 30 x 1,1mm

Clean cylinders


With suction tubes


Each ring spinning machine is linked to winder Schlafhorst Autoconer X5 Type V

Make: Schlafhorst

Model: Autoconer X5

Year: 2014

26 heads each machine

Traverse: 6“ / 150mm

Machine length: 15,043 m

Machine width: 1,940 m

CTS+Caddystation ( Continuous Transfer Station)

3 x 400V, 50Hz

Auto Vacuum Control ( AVC)

With splicer

Yarn clearer: Loepfe

2 machines have Precy FX System

2 machines have standard drum system

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